Medicare for All | Nina Turner

All that we love is on the line.

Our collective success is rooted in organizing—always. We need to take action, come together, and push for the nation and world we want to inhabit.

Join us as we mobilize like-minded folks and build a bold coalition that demands change.

Medicare for All

Medicare for All

“We live in a country where our veterans are living on the streets without treatment for service-related mental health issues; we have people who are too afraid to go out and see a doctor because they can’t afford it; and we have Black women dying in childbirth at disproportionate numbers in the 21st century. This is America and this is unacceptable!”

  • Provide everyone in America comprehensive health care coverage without premiums, deductibles, copays or surprise bills through a Medicare for All system
  • Prevent drug companies and insurers from gouging patients
  • Invest in infrastructure so every community has real access to health care
  • Quantify and eliminate health care disparities